07 October 2011

What DIDN'T I Make This Week?!

That is a little bit of an overstatement, but I did make a lot.

But I should talk about the craft show that was on Saturday first, shouldn't I? It was my second artisan sale at a Legion. My first one was in Stoney Creek last winter, which was a horrible disaster. This one was a little better. I made back my table fee on my first sale, which was nice. But there really wasn't a whole lot of traffic. This was the first year this sale was organized, but they advertised their butts off. (literally. their butts are gone. I checked.) I guess Legions are just not a great place to host artisan sales. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it next year - hopefully I'll be doing larger, more established shows.

Our friends, Ray and Ashley and their family came to visit us at the sale, which was fabulous! They were apple picking at a nearby farm, so they popped by. Ashely brought me an apple, which was a very welcome snack - just a few minutes before, I was telling Jeff how some celery and cheese would taste really good. I know an apple is not the same, but they both have the same crunch!

I did have fun with the other vendors. Across the aisle from us, there was a puppet vendor! They had really adorable puppets there for sale - I wanted to get one, but I think Jeffery was right when he said that Alexander would probably freak out when he saw it - Alexander is very skittish. Anyhoo.

The second best part of that day for me was near the end, after we had packed up; we were talking to the puppet people (Annabo Banners), and we found out that Anne is the mother of one of the teens at IGNITE, the youth group where Jeffery is a leader! Such a small world! Anne is also a recording artist, and she gave us a copy of her CD - full of soulful songs that she wrote herself.

The best part of my day was being with Jeffery. I know that sounds really cheesy, but I was reminded again that day of how much I enjoy being out and about with my husband, and how much I like him.

I made a whole bunch of new journals. I also listed 15 journals that I had made exclusively for the craft sale on the weekend that didn't sell. I listed a few gift sets (two journals of the same leather) and I designed some gift certificates - ready for Christmas shoppers (if you like to buy early).

Right now, the gift certificates are just set amounts ($10, $25, $50), but I also have some draft listings that are for the price of a regular sized journal plus shipping costs - so the recipient of your Christmas gift won't have to pay anything for one of my fabulous journals! One for shipping to Canada, one to the US, and one to Everywhere Else (international). Those are going to be listed at a later time - check back often!

I also designed a new banner - I know, I can't stop designing banners! I love doing it! I liked the one I had originally made, but I wanted to incorporate my branding into the banner, so I made a new one.

At the show, I had brought all of my punch art pictures (as you can see in the photo of the table above). The top shelf was the display for the series called "Clumsy Red Owl". I brought two of those with me. But out of all those pictures, I brought home two. I never expected them to go over so well! I've already started on more owls - they really do take a long time!

I also made some cards for the people who are going to be at our place for Thanksgiving on Monday. Ray and Ashley and their family are coming, Maeghan is coming, and Jeff's mom, Kat, is coming. We're going to have a lot of people! But we have enough table space and chairs for everyone to sit around the table, so that's great! I think we may end up with a grown-ups table and a kids table (since I will have to pull out my 4' x 4' craft table), but we'll see.

Anyway, Alexander brought a leaf into the house coming home from school on Tuesday, and the shape of it was really great, so I used that to make the cards. It was an idea I had last autumn, but never got around to making it. The card does not turn out exactly as I imagined, but I'll play around with more leaves to get what I originally envisioned.

I also crocheted another bib for Isabel. I only have 5 for her, and I want one for every day (since she drools so much, and they are so handy!). I have one more to make, and I'll get around to it eventually.

There are 9 more 'like's to go on The Orange Windmill's facebook page to get to 100 fans! And once I get there, I will be hosting a giveaway! I should probably start creating for that. It's going to be a pretty big giveaway, so stay tuned!

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  1. You certainly do have a variety of craft! I love your booth display!


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