21 September 2011

Ice Cream Sandwiches and Baby Food

On Friday, we got a call from Ken, saying that Anne had given birth to two healthy children: Ethan and Moriah. I have been to visit Anne in the hospital twice, once on Saturday, and once on Sunday. I haven't seen Ethan yet, since he was in the NICU for feeding, but Moriah is a tough little cookie, even though she's only 4 lbs! She's such a sweetheart, though. I can't wait to see how they will grow and develop!

The picture below is Anne feeding Moriah. Moriah, as you can see, is not happy about something. I think Anne burped her shortly after this, and she was fine.

Here is a picture of both kids that my mom took, I saw on her facebook this morning. SO CUTE!!

On Saturday, Jeffery worked a home show, so I was with the kids on my own. I got a bunch of cleaning and laundry done; nothing too spectacular (although, Jeff would call me cleaning quite spectacular! lol).

Sunday evening, Paul and Jen called us over to that ice cream place at the Bayfront; for the life of me, I can't remember what it is called. Naomi went around and mooched everyone's ice cream - although, I'm not sure if she got some of Jeff's. I can't remember. But she finished off my cone, which was awesome. I always enjoy getting together with Paul and Jen. Jen is about to pop the next baby out, and she (the baby) is not ready yet, so I think Jen's patience is wearing thin. All in good time, right? She's not due until this coming Sunday, so she may have to wait a while.

But at the shop, there were large packages of the chocolate wafers you use to make ice cream sandwiches, and they were only $2.00! I told Jeffery that I wanted to get some, because then we can make our own! Jeff didn't really say anything about it, so I assumed we weren't going to get any. Paul went into the shop to get a spoon and came out with a package of the wafers for me! YAY! I'm going to have fun making those! But I will have more fun eating them. But my bum will not like me. or maybe it will. Do bums like it when they get bigger?

Whenever I'm in the kitchen, Isabel has to crawl over to the baby gate and see what I'm doing. If you see in the background, there's another baby gate to keep her from crawling up the stairs. She's a sneaky monster - she does it quietly, so you don't know she's doing it until she's 3 or 4 steps up!

Since she can't get up the stairs, her new thing is crawling over the support under the table (as seen above). She will crawl over it, then turn around and crawl over it again. Each time I see her in progress of crawling over, I practically have a heart attack, because I'm sure she's going to smash her face into the floor. But she hasn't yet; her coordination is really quite good!

Alexander is getting really good at putting two words together - most times in the correct order too! A week ago, he would say, "Bike, two!" when he saw two motorcycles. Now he says, "Two bike!" I've been working on plurals with him, and he's getting some of it, but it's not quite there yet.

Yesterday, at the Literacy Centre, the teacher, Miss. Nicole, talked to me for a while about Alexander's speech. She didn't know that we had taken Alexander to Early Words for his assessment, and we're waiting for the speech therapy appointment. But it has been really nice to see Miss. Nicole playing one-on-one with the students, getting to know them individually. I like her.

The cutest thing happened on Tuesday. We went to the Literacy Centre, and there was a small boy there who I hadn't seen before. He was looking around, kind of wondering what to do. Alexander was playing with me and Isabel when he saw the boy. This was the conversation that followed:
Alexander: "Baby!"
Me: "No, that's a boy."
Alexander: "Boy. Hug?"
Me: "Yes."
Alexander got up, walked over to the boy, gave him a hug, and they proceeded to play together for the next half hour! They shared really nicely, and I thought it was really cute.

My second attempt at making baby food turned out much nicer than the first. The first time, I used frozen peas with fresh baby carrots. Isabel ate it, but she made that horrible face again. I'm assuming the frozen peas didn't make good tasting baby food. So the second time, I used only fresh vegetables. Sweet potatoes worked really well. Next I'm going to try squash. Then maybe green beans. I'm borrowing a small blender from Heather (thanks, Heather!), which does small amounts at a time, which is great, since our fridge and freezer space is rather limited.

That's all for this week!

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