21 October 2011

Hey, friends! This week wasn't all that different from any other week. Both of my children were really sick, so I had less time to create (getting up through the night, not napping, etc.). However, I did get some things done.

I made a few more journals. I really love the look of this suede. I have a few more pieces to make more journals, which is nice.

I also picked up some fabulous orange leather - I can finally make some orange journals! YIPPEEE!

I also made some cards this week, but this is the only one so far that I've listed:

I made a card like this - with two babies - for my sister to congratulate Ken and Anne on the birth of their twins. It was fun, so I made another. I do enjoy punch art. It's fun. :)

I have only 3 fans left to go on my facebook page before I hit 100 fans! And once I get those 100 fans, I am going to offer an awesome giveaway. I do have to start making the prizes (you heard me. prizeS.). Stay tuned!

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