03 October 2011

Featured Artist - much ado about you

That name just gets me smiling! It reminds me of Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing", which is such a fun film! But I digress...

Personalized Planning - the logo for Much Ado About You. Just the thought of that makes me feel more organized. lol  Emmy, the talented brains behind Much Ado About You, makes the best looking planners I have ever seen! This is totally a HUGE hint - to anyone who wants to listen - that this is what I want for Christmas (or my birthday, since it's about the same time - December 22).

This is what I want for my birthday or Christmas - a personalized day planner. There have been  few get-togethers and events that were verbally planned, but not written down (my fault), and I forgot about them! Yes, I have one of those inexpensive weekly planners from Walmart, but it sucks! The little tiny box for the day does not give me enough space to let me write down all the things I need to write down for the day! So I need a better, nicer planner - one that I will not forget to write in!

I would like to have design number 3, but since that one is sold out, I'll go for number 1. Of course, having my name (Shirley) written on the front.

See how organized I could get? And there's LOTS of space in each day to write what I need to write.

The day planner is something I want. However, if day planners are not YOUR thing, you could also go with the monthly plannersappointment books, calendars, teacher lesson planners, student planners, address books, or journals. And there are different sizes to each item - how clever!

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