02 February 2011

Focus on Family - February 2

This week has been full of goings-on!  On Thursday, I brought Alexander and Isabel to the Early Years centre at Memorial School, which was an adventure.  Alexander loves it there, and he had a lot of fun; but I didn't!  It wasn't as difficult as I had imagined it would be, but I still won't want to do it again until Isabel is a bit older - even though I probably will do it again before then because Alexander loves it there too much.  But it was nice to connect with the moms again.

Alexander certainly loves balloons - he will even sleep with them!

On Friday (and the rest of the weekend) Jeffery was really sick.  We think he got it from one of his customers.  He was vomiting and dry heaving and having other nasty stuff come out; he couldn't even drink a few sips of ginger ale before he brought it back up!  Saturday night I threw up my dinner, but after that was done, I felt much better, though I was drained of any energy the next day too.  Alexander certainly was bored that day!  I'm glad none of the kids have had it yet, and I'm assuming they won't get it.  Needless to say, we didn't go anywhere or do anything this past weekend; we didn't want to give it to anyone else.

Isabel has been a bit cantankerous this past week.  She's been going down at around 7:00-8:00 p.m. and sleeping until 2:00 a.m., but then needing to feed for an hour minimum!  Then she wakes up at around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. wanting to eat more.  Then she wakes me up at around 7:30 a.m. to be up for the morning.  I've been getting around 4-5 hours of sleep a night, which is not conducive to a grumpy-free day on my part.  It's partly my fault because the only time Jeff and I have to spend together is in the evening after the kids are sleeping, and we stay up until around midnight.  I'm aware that if I went to bed at around 10:00 p.m., I would get more sleep.  But for me, merely 2 hours with my fabulous husband is not enough time.  So I stay up a bit later and pay for it the next day.

We were supposed to get this huge blizzard last night and today, and where we are in Hamilton, we got maybe a few inches!  Jeffery and I are disappointed, as we were hoping for a huge amount of snow, it would make us feel like we're back in PEI; the wind did blow a bit last night and early this morning.

This is a picture of outside our living room window this morning.  Not as much snow as we were hoping for!

Alexander has had a few big bumps this past week.  He was playing on the couch, and fell off and hit his forehead on the floor, and then the next day he whacked his head on a corner of the wall, and now has a huge scrape on his temple.

It's worse in real life, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Alexander now has a booster seat for the table - no more high chair for this big boy!  And he loves it!

eating his breakfast of yogurt and cheerios

Today was supposed to be the last midwife appointment for Isabel, since she is now 6 weeks old.  However, due to the storm, they rescheduled the appointment for next Thursday.

I certainly need prayer this week.  Isabel has been a big trial for me.  When she is not eating or sleeping, she wants to be held by me.  She won't sit in her chair or swing, she's not happy when Jeff holds her, she just wants me to hold her.  And, as any mother knows, this is very frustrating.  In any case, I'm getting annoyed.  So please pray that I have an extra measure of patience, and that Isabel will get over whatever this is, and will be okay if I put her down for a few minutes to, oh, let's say, go to the bathroom.

I stated on my facebook status the other day that I wish for two things:  a detachable boob and a robot - both for Isabel in the middle of the night so I can sleep.  When she wakes up wanting to be fed, the robot would come to my room, detach my boob, and feed Isabel until she sleeps again, and then comes back to my room and re-attaches said boob.  All the while, I sleep peacefully!  *sigh*


  1. are you happy with the amount of snow yet?! :P

  2. it's getting there, we're supposed to get more on the weekend!


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