25 February 2011

Hand-cut... Never Again!

I'm finding that every week I get a little more time to create. Now, whether that's me shifting priorities, or Isabel is cooperating a bit more, I'm not sure - but I'm not going to question it, either; I'm just going to enjoy it!

I applied to be a vendor at seven shows so far this year, and that's only up until June! The goal I set myself was to do three, so I think I'm good. :) I'll keep you updated as to when the shows are, so that you can pop by and see me and my work in person!

Now, to talk about what I did this week:  I made a card with the punched elephant I made a few weeks ago. Well, I punched a new elephant and made a card with him. Here he is:

I played on the phrase "elephants never forget" to make an "I forgot" card. Jeff didn't get it, but he hadn't heard that phrase before. What about you? Do you get it?

I also made the HUGE mistake of making a listing for 50 flower embellishments. HAND-CUT. I stamped the flowers, then I cut each of them by hand. It took me about an hour to do just the cutting. This will be a one-time listing, I think. Unless I go crazy again and decide to do more... I can't see that happening. Here they are:

That picture really doesn't do it justice, since they're all bunched up. But I cut out 25 large flowers and 25 small flowers. Anyways, they're up on my etsy shop now if you want to see more pictures.

I also made some tags this past week, but I don't have the proper sized hole punch to complete the project, so you will just have to wait to see them. I'm also thinking about creating some cupcake toppers, but that will have to wait.

Now I'm busy replenishing my stock of cards for the shows I'm going to be in this year. More specifically, I'm making baby cards for the mom-to-mom sales I'm going to be in this spring. Again, I will let you know when later, closer to the date of.

Have a great weekend! Cheerio!


  1. Love the elephant card and I get it! LOL

    Sometimes I will sit and hand cut many embellishments. If I am waiting for something on the computer, I don't mind, but sometimes, it is... "What were you thinking???" LOL

    I would love to have a cricut machine, but no funds, so small scissors and sore hands for me!

    Have a wonderful weekend and if you get a chance, stop by my blog

  2. Love the Elephant card. I get it.
    The cupcake toppers sound good. x

  3. I love that elephant card! So cute.
    I seem to be finding more time to create as time goes by, too. I think the more I do it, the more I realize I love it and I need it! I have given up on the time-sucks that I don't enjoy as much (iPod touch games, a few TV shows, etc.) to make time for my creative outlets!


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