23 February 2011

Focus on Family - February 23

Sunday was the highlight of this past week, for sure.  Isabel was dedicated at church, and all of my family came!  It was bliss to be able to see all of my family together - I love it!  I'm like my dad in that way; just put our family together, and it makes my day!  It was also wonderful to see some friends there who we haven't seen for a while.

I didn't mention last week that on Valentine's Day (something we don't really 'celebrate'), Jeffery made me a delicious cannelloni for dinner.  The meat was immersed in a creamy cheese sauce (with no cream in it, go figure), and there were so many spices and herbs added, it was a plethora of food fabulousness!  I'm just sorry that I didn't get a picture of it! :(

Isabel is getting better and better at being on her own.  She will sit in the swing and fall asleep, like babies are supposed to.  She will also sit on the couch and look around.  She especially likes being able to watch Alexander fool around.

Isabel loves watching Alexander

Last night Jeffery went to the annual meeting for approving the budget and new vision team members (like elders).  Since there was child care available for toddlers, he also took Alexander with him, which is great because that's one less child for me to watch!  Alexander seemed to have had fun while he was there - he was still hopping when we got home at 10:00 p.m.! ... maybe it was sugar? 

My sisters and I got together last night at Anne's place while Jeff was at the church meeting.  We had dinner (pesto pasta, chicken, salad, garlic bread, and fruit for dessert), and then we sat and chatted.  When Jeff came to pick me up, I was sorry to go - I always love getting together with my sisters.  I can't wait to do it again!

From time to time, Alexander will actually sit for a picture

Tuesday morning proved to be interesting for me.  Alexander coloured all over a listing for etsy that I had just finished the night before.  He took one look at my face and he started bawling - I didn't have to yell or anything!  Thankfully it wasn't a large listing, and I was able to make it again in the afternoon while the kids were sleeping.

Not being held, and still not crying!  yay!

Jeff's work is picking up, believe it or not - he had 14 appointments in January, and he's going to appointment 15 this morning.  No sales yet, but we're praying over this issue.  At the dedication we received money from family and friends, and that was a HUGE blessing for us.  Surprisingly, I have no worries or anxious thoughts this week, a huge difference, compared to last week - I'm fully confident that God will provide for us.  Praying about it everyday with thankfulness is a large contributor to the peace that I am experiencing, I believe.

Isabel flaps her arms like this - trying to fly?

I found a link to a website that takes the most common words in your blog and forms them into a shape.  The more common the word in your blog, the larger the word in the shape.  I chose a dove (just in case you thought it was just a bird).  I found it interesting that the most often used word is share!

Until next week, be blessed!


  1. This is so nice to read your blog....THANK YOU.

  2. It's nice to keep current with friends, to see what has been happening in their life and to also be a part of it in some distant way. Thanks so much for sharing the words, the special day, and the obvious love for each of you in your family. Thanks Shirley!!

  3. What a wonderful read! Adorable kids too!

    I am following your blog.


  4. Neat website! I'm having some fun fiddling around with it now :) You might just see a picture like that on my blog soon!
    Glad to hear Isabel is a little happier for you now, it's always nice to have two arms free (for even a short period of time!!)

  5. Haha...I - like Rachel - am borrowing that blog picture idea! :) Very cool.

    I love following your blog, Shirley! I like how you have days dedicated to certain posts - that's really great incentive to make sure you keep your blog up-to-date!

  6. as always - you make your mom proud - for who you are as a wife and a mother - your talents and gifts and the willingness to share them - and just for being who you are


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