31 January 2011

Featured Artist - MADART

Today's featured artist creates the most beautiful paintings, and sells them in her etsy shop.  I was not able to get a hold of Megan to have her say in her own words what she's all about, since she's been sick with the flu this week, so this is what she says on her etsy profile:

I have painted and drawn traditionally most of my life. After God and my family my art is my passion. I am a self-taught artist that has been blessed with a talent I love to share with others. I grew up in the bush of Alaska with none of the modern amenities most of us take for granted. The only way to get where I lived was by boat or float plane, there were not (and still are not) any roads. The only source of electricity was generator. Heat was provided by wood burning stoves (there was a lot of firewood to be cut and stacked!) My family didn't have phones or cable TV, it was roughing it at it's best! Living in Alaska and Florida (and even Hawaii for two years) has allowed me to get close to nature in many different ways. Alaska is all about nature and natural beauty. In Florida I have experienced tropical beauty and I enjoy scuba diving and other outdoor activities that allow me to stay close to nature. This has allowed me to truly appreciate the beautiful world God has blessed us with and to try to capture that beauty in my paintings.

Here are a few of my favourites:

I absolutely love her use of colour and balance, and I really admire her incredible talent - I wish I could paint like this.

Take another look at her shop, and let me know which one you like best!


  1. Thank you SO much Shirley! I'm so very honored you took the time to share my art with your audience, it's a wonderful post!!

    All the Best,

  2. Hi, I like "Birds of a Feather" Megan your work is very nice.

    Donna (twinmountainpottery)

  3. hi!!! i a big fan of megan's - i really love all of her work but my absolute favorite is her circle of life series (the set of 4) - someday they will be hanging in my house - fingers & toes crossed!!! deb (uncledebbie) 8)


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