07 February 2011

Featured Artisan - greenatheart

I found this AMAZING artist during a browse through etsy products.  Her name is Laurine, she lives in Otisville, NY, and she runs greenatheart on etsy.  Not only do I love her handmade rugs, but I found out that they are made of repurposed t-shirts!  What a fabulous way to reuse something to create something else that is functional and looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here is a little about Laurine in her own words:

I have been sewing for over 20 years. I have been looking for an avenue to sell my craft for a long time and I'm hoping Etsy is going to be a great fit. I enjoy using recyled materials and making new items. I also paint and embroider. I have added wool to my list of fun stuff to do and felting. Mittens, cell phone holders and wool purses are now available.  
I'm SWAMPED, I have custom orders into June now! The rugs have taken off like a rocket, I am just trying to hold on. I have upgraded to a wonderful industrial machine which is fast and awesome to work on. I have also enlisted my neice to help a few hours every week, so I can breathe a little. Having this business has been a process, I just keep taking steps forward as I need to. I try to always make decisions that are good for the environment, my family and my customers. By the way I love Etsy and my customers!!! The positive feedback I get from my customers is awesome!
I will also be featured in Country Living Mag for March (next month), which is very exciting. The downside is, what am I going to do with all these orders?? Thankfully, I used to have a small sample shop/factory, and understand what it takes to become more efficient. All this being said, I love what I do and I am challenged daily to artfully produce a product that matches my values!

Here are a few of my favourites from her shop:

I had to stop at three - I would have added every item!  These are absolutely fabulous!  And if you like braiding rugs and other items yourself, she has listings for the yarn as well:  

Take a look at her shop for all of the different designs Laurine has made - LOVE the colours!  I plan to have the sun braided rug in my house someday!

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