14 February 2011

Featured Artistan - offcutstudio

While I was browsing through etsy (which I do far too much of), I stumbled across the work of Canadian seller, offcutstudio.  Here's a little about Cam in his own words:

Located in downtown Toronto, Offcutstudio is the workshop of craftsman, Cameron MacLean.  Working with local and exotic offcut woods, sourced from a local woodshop, I create one of a kind, custom and limited edition items.

After finishing up an internship as a plant ecologist about four years I moved to Toronto. Unlike any other city I had lived in before the streets of Toronto were littered with abandoned furniture. I began collecting these discarded pieces and repairing/altering or just salvaging wood from them. After that I decided to go into furniture making, became certified and now work for in a furniture studio in Toronto's distillery district. 

While I enjoy making furniture, what I really have come to love is finding ways to use up the offcuts that normally get thrown out. My most recent project was a collaboration with my girlfriend(also on etsy, touchthedutch) on a series of found chairs that incorporated her pierced metal work. I hope one day to work full time making things from offcuts and salvaging discarded furniture.

Here are some items from his shop:

I have a growing fetish for clocks - I want to have one in every room of my house, and as soon as I saw his work, I wanted this one in my house.  I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet, but eventually I will have one in my house... somewhere.

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