18 February 2011


This past week, I've been busy punching.  Last week I punched a few characters, and they can be found here.  This past week, I've punched a pig, a lion, and two babies.  Not literally, of course!  I used punches I own to create those characters.  Here they are:

They are so much fun to make!  The only problem is that I get ideas for them while I'm doing the most mundane chores - like the dishes or folding the laundry.  Which is really unfortunate, since I truly dislike those things; but now I find I'm doing them more often to let my mind wander creatively.

With the babies (I made another one with a pink soother), I made cards, and they are posted on my shop.  The pig and the lion are being sold as scrapbook embellishments - they would make great accents on a "going to the zoo" or "learning your animals" or even a "dress-up day" page!  I think I will want to eventually get into creating pre-made scrapbook pages, but that may be a while.


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