28 February 2011

Featured Artist - emelephotography

I was approached by Emily to feature her work on my blog a few weeks ago.  To be honest, I was originally hesitant about even thinking about it because I want the work of my featured artists to be something I absolutely love and would want to purchase myself, not just any artist who wants their work to be promoted.

But as soon as I saw her etsy shop, I just HAD to feature her.  If I were able to take stunningly beautiful pictures, I would hope to take similar pictures as she does.  But since I'm not gifted in that way, I will just drool over her photos!

Here is a little about Emily in her own words:

I'm Emily, I'm 27 and English. I spend my time between the Greek island of Crete and Wiltshire, England. At the moment i'm in Greece soaking up some sun with my Dad and our Greek cats who live here... I'll be returning to England and my boyfriend  in April... Once the UK has warmed up a little!

I kind of fell into photography after I bought my first digital camera which I was using to photo the cards and gifts that I made and sold online. I just needed the camera to take the product pics - But somehow photography took over my life! I realized I could make money from my photos... and eventually decided to stop doing the craft side of things and step into fine art photography and microstock photography full time.

I'll photo anything that captures my eye really, but lean towards nature and flower photography with some travel beach, wildlife and landscape photography thrown in too! I like capturing bright colors, details, and the "Beauty in Nature".

A typical day will find me at the computer, sorry to disapoint if you thought I'd say behind the camera! My days go something like this....

Edit photos
Upload stock photography to Shutterstock. (http://www.shutterstock.com/g/emcharl)
Add new prints and relist items on Etsy. (http://emelephotography.etsy.com)
Blog, Tweet and update social media sites.
Add new photos to home decor and gift items at Zazzle (http://www.zazzle.com/emele1)
Do a spot of SEO either on my Zazzle or Etsy stores
Promote - Promote - Promote

Thursday mornings I pre-write and schedule all of the blog posts for the Creative Artists Blog that I run. (http://creative-artists-blog.com)

I guess I'm pretty organized... I like to have a schedule of sorts, with everything I need to do written in my day planner. Of course some days I might not feel like doing something so I mix it up a bit or grab the camera and go out shooting. When I'm in Greece, if it's sunny out and I've lost my mojo I can usually be found sitting in the sun reading or pottering around the garden.

I've just introduced digital collage sheets to my Etsy shop so more of those will be on the way. I plan on introducing a range of cards, small matted prints, and 2012 calendars later in the year as well. I'm working on building a website for Emele Photography at the moment which will hopefully connect all the places I can be found online plus have a wholesale section - I really want to get my prints into shops this year.


Facebook - http://facebook.com/emelephotography
Blog - http://www.emele-blog.emelegifts.com
Twitter - http://twitter.com/emele

I totally envy her - living half the year in the Mediterranean!!  Warmth all year long!  Personally, I would love to have that opportunity!  However, having two small children put a dent in most dreams of that nature...  mmm... sun... warmth... ahhh... anyway, I digress.

Here are just a few of my favourites from her shop:

Aren't they gorgeous?!?  Emily's photos make me feel like I'm in Crete (even if those pictures aren't from Crete)!!  The balance and colours I see in her photos are so appealing to me - I think they are beautiful!

I would like to someday purchase the last picture (of the beach) because it reminds me of Prince Edward Island and the years Jeffery and I lived there - we miss it so much, and this picture would do it justice (even if the sand isn't more red).

Take a gander at her etsy shop and let me know which photograph you like best!


  1. I love the hibiscus and the black and white horse. Great profile!

  2. Wonderful blog article and fantastic photo's.


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