23 September 2011

Wow, What a Week!

I said last week that I had to get my butt into gear and list Christmas cards in my etsy shop. Well, I certainly did that! I listed almost 20 Christmas cards! I know that doesn't sound like much now, but after making them, photographing them, editing the photographs, then writing descriptions, title, tags, etc., - it takes a LOT of time! So I'm pleased with my progress so far. I have many more ideas to use for Christmas items - not just cards - but I'm missing a few key materials. So I have to order them!

Karen R. came over on Wednesday with some leather. I showed her how to make a journal. It was nice to be able to sit and chat with Karen; we usually only get a passing greeting in church on Sundays.

I've also been binding like crazy! I've made so many more leather journals - and I still have so much more to make!! What is a good number for craft shows? I had a number in my head, but when I reached that number, it doesn't look like enough. So I'm hoping to double the number of journals I have ready. In a week. ha! My children would need to have 3 hour naps every day, and go to bed at 6:00 p.m. in order for me to get that many journals made! So I'll just make as many as I can. :)

I mentioned on my twitter account (yes, I'm now a twit, thanks to YBYB's Janee), that I was making a winter hat. I wanted one with lots of character; a hat that no one would forget. I ended up with this. lol

I wanted to put a pompom on the top, but with the point, it would look funny. I know I'm not the best model, but I think it's awesome. The hat is long enough in the back to keep the back of your neck warm. And I think the braids are just AWESOME!!! Just as funky as I thought they would look. I will make another one with a HUGE pompom on the top of the hat, but I haven't decided what I wanted the bottom to look like yet. Or what colour to use. I'll probably have that figured out by the end of the day.

And my business cards came in on Wednesday! Aren't they beautiful??!? I think they are great - exactly how I imagined they would be! I can't wait to show them off in person - they are much more beautiful that way!

That's all, folks!

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  1. LOVE the new business cards... I so wish I would have ordered one of your journals sooner so I would have it to record baby pees, feedings, etc. - looks like he's coming TODAY... ahh well. you should sell those hats ;)

  2. Thanks so much, Sara! I really do love the business cards!

    I don't know if I will ever try to sell my crochet items; that market is way too saturated, and with other people doing MUCH better work than me. But perhaps I will make a similar hat to that for a giveaway! Hey, that's a good idea!

  3. haha good luck with the kids naps!! Seems more viable you to not sleep than them oversleep lol!

    Your hat is sooo cool! I love the funky pompoms on hats. Maybe make it greet for X-mas? Would be so fun to see a gnome or similar for the season ;)

    Btw, your biz cards are sooo cool! I really like the rounded edges detail. Perhaps one day I will have my own hehe

    btw, nice meeting you and thanks for the following' :)


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