19 September 2011

I'm an Aunt!

Friday, September 16 was a day of great joy! My sister Anne gave birth to two healthy babies, Ethan John Martin, 5 lb 12 oz, and Moriah Catherine Anne, 4 lb 9 oz. Ethan is older by one minute.

Anne and Ken have been in our daily prayers since we knew about her pregnancy earlier this year, and we are so pleased and thankful that God has kept everyone healthy and safe.

I was so excited to meet these two little ones! Moriah is such a tiny thing! I haven't met Ethan yet, as when I came, he was with the nurses in the NICU for feeding. Anne is doing well, walking around and stretching her legs when she get a chance. She's not getting a whole lot of sleep yet, but our mom has been watching Moriah during the day so Anne can sleep.

Praise God for these two little miracles!

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  1. Wonderful perfect little packages- congratulations!

  2. congrats on being a new aunty!! beautiful blog!!


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