30 September 2011

A PomPom Hat

I really admire the people who photograph small children for their items - and get really great pictures. I took 17 pictures of Isabel with this hat on, and I'm still not very happy with the results. I know that the lighting wasn't all that great, but Isabel wouldn't sit still at all! These are the only two pictures that weren't completely blurry - and they're still not that great. Anyways.

I made this hat for Isabel this winter. It is pretty snug, so I don't know if I'll be able to actually use it, since her head is bound to get bigger before the really cold weather comes. But that's okay, since I'm not all that pleased with it.

This pompom is supposed to be really big. And it is! I wrapped the yarn around 50 times (which gives me 200 strings to the pompom), but it still wasn't full enough. I probably should have done it with thicker yarn, which would fill it out quite a bit better. I like the hat itself, but just not the pompom.

I've been really busy working on cards and journals for this weekend's show. I've also been packing and shipping orders that have been coming in. All in all, a busy week! I've got some baskets that I'm going to be using for the table at the show for the journals, and I printed off some really great price tags at my mom's place (since we only have black ink in our printer, and I needed colour). They work really well with my branding (they look like my business cards!). And I'm using different levels, so there is more height to my table.

When they were printed, however, the words don't really pop very well, so this is what I'm going to print off for the next show:

That way, people can see the words really easily, even from a distance.

I don't have access to the awesome shelf I had before for the punch art pictures, so I have to figure something else out for that. I have an idea, but I'm not completely sure if it will work very well. I can't wait to get the table set up, though, so I can document it! I'll post pictures next week.

I forgot last week to post more banners that I've made. I made a new one for For Any Occasion, which I am VERY happy with. It's full of my best sellers:

Green Garland also is using the banner I made for her shop:

I've also made these two, but I don't know if they are going to use them or not:

I've also been busy this week making a new monthly newsletter! I've always wanted to do one, but was not really sure how. So this week I bit the bullet and hunkered down to figure out how to make one. I can't figure out how to link to it, since I'm sending it from an external source, and inserting the HTML code into this blog post doesn't work (I've tried). So if you're interested in reading my monthly newsletter, email me with the word "subscribe" in the subject line, and I'll add you to the list!

If you're wondering what the newsletter is about, here are the deets:

featured item
upcoming shows
tip about relevancy for Etsy sellers

And that's it! It's a pretty short newsletter, but I didn't want it to be too long.

That's all for this week! It really was a busy week! But productive. :)

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  1. 17 pictures?! You could do worse. You should see how many photos I take of things that don't even move ... it's shameful!

  2. I just gave up after 17 pictures. I could have continued, but Isabel was getting annoyed with me continually stopping her exploration of the living room.


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