05 September 2011

Featured Artist - Runaway Dreams

I found this artist through the etsy "taste test" tool I told you about weeks and weeks ago. I really do love that tool!

Runaway Dreams is David and Julia from Mexico. They call themselves "a couple of designers/illustrators/crafters in love". Here are some of my favourites from their shop:

I just LOVE this print! I want to get it and hang it in Alexander's room - I think he would LOVE the imagination and whimsy of this print. (plus the balloon!)

David and Julia also create plushies, and I think these mushrooms are adorable!

This illustration puts me to mind of a friend of mine, Lee-Anne. She is fun and colourful and cheeky; and I'm not sure why this print reminds me of her, but it does.

You can find more of Runaway Dreams on etsy, their blog (which is in Spanish, but they offer English translation too - cool!), twitter, and flickr.

Trees Hide


  1. What a great way to start a Monday morning ~ these prints definitely put a smile on my face!

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Runaway Dreams!

  3. Glad I stopped by and got introduced to some really fun artists:):)

  4. oh la-la!! super cute! love the sugar blocks! makes me want to be a sugar block myself!


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