09 September 2011


What Did Shirley Do? lol  I guess it doesn't look close enough to WWJD to be funny, eh?

I've been working like crazy, getting ready for upcoming shows. I want to have enough inventory, and not be stressed out before the shows, so I'm going crazy now. I've started on some Christmas cards and some journals.

I have also received word from the Australian I mentioned last week (her name is Karen), and the colours are perfect for her wedding, and she's ordering a large amount of each colour! I'd better get crackin'! I probably won't be working on anything else until I finish these.

But I do need to finish the decorative paper clips I'm making for my mom. She needs them by Sunday. I made 24, then ran out of paper clips! She wants 100 made. It took me about 30 minutes to make 24, so I don't think it will take too long to make the rest. They will look just like the paper clip below, the card stock will be pink, since that is the "Home With a Heart" colour.

I also tried my hand at designing my business cards and a vinyl banner for The Orange Windmill. I've got them designed, and I love how it looks, now I need to sell a few more journals to be able to afford it! Jeffery and I talked about it, and we've decided that anything more that goes into this business has to come from the revenue of the business. So if I want to buy some leather, I need to have the money in the PayPal account to buy it. So I must wait to get the business cards and banner. I hope to be able to have the business cards for the next show, which is October 1. I'm not going to post the pictures of the design here, but I'm very excited about them!

I've also made a few more banners for others. In the forums, there are some people who say that they don't like their banner, but have no idea of how to make another one. So I take a look at their photos and work with one that seems to fit the look and feel of their shop, and I go from there. I've made a few, but only one person has used it for their shop so far.

I've made this one too; she is gathering ideas right now.

I've also made this one, but I haven't sent it to her yet.

Is it weird that I'm doing this for people? Is it rude? I'm still undecided.

Anyhoo. TWSD (that's what Shirley did). lol

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I love playing with banners. Trying to capture the right image/text combination is a lot of fun. Enjoyed your article - followed from Etsy Blog team. Keep it up!

  2. Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one too! :)

  3. Shirley, I think it's VERY nice of you to fool with their banners and redesign. And they look very nice.

    just keep doing wswd.


    ps- congrats on the wedding order!


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