13 April 2011

Focus on Family - April 13

This past week is not a week I want to go through again. Except for Saturday - Saturday was a good day. But what with Isabel waking up two or three times a night and not going to bed until after 9:00 pm. when she is usually asleep by 8:00 p.m., and Alexander constantly testing the bedtime limits we have set for him, paired with a lack of quality sleep, makes for not so great a week.

Isabel is trying SO hard to sit up on her own

The end of last week had me using every spare minute I had making more designs for the craft show on Saturday; dinners were quick and easy (it's a good thing Jeffery was gone), the dishes didn't get done until the end of the week, the floor was swept only once a day; the only housework I did for sure was the laundry and fold it - I didn't put it away, though, until this morning. I don't like putting laundry away.


Isabel is going through a growth spurt right now, wanting to eat every two hours during the day when she usually eats every 4 hours or so. At night, as I said earlier, she has been getting up two or three times. I know that's not too bad, but when she's been getting up only once (or not at all), two or three times is a lot. And this is the reason why I don't want to go through this past week again - feeding her so often takes a lot of time, and consequently, I have less time for Alexander, which sucks because he craves my attention during the day. I mean, he's okay to play on his own, but he really does prefer to play with someone; which makes the time that Jeff can play with him so great.


On Saturday, at the One Stop Spring Shop in Oakville, there was an Epicure table set up across the aisle from us, and Jeff purchased the Jambalaya seasoning. Jeffery made it for Sunday's dinner. The package makes eight servings, so we were good for two meals. Jeff put in rice, chicken, ground sausage, and shrimp. It was a baked meal, but the package didn't say if the rice was supposed to be cooked or uncooked. We only have basmati rice, so that took a while longer to cook in the oven; I think next time we will cook the rice first, so then it doesn't have to take so long to cook. I would also put in broccoli. I didn't take any pictures, but you could talk to your Epicure representative to order it - I would rate it 5 out of 5.

playing with blocks, making a tower

all done!

As I mentioned last week, Jeffery was gone in Connecticut last week for sales training. He got back late Friday night, just in time to help me with the craft show on Saturday morning. He wasn't feeling the best, but he came with me anyway. What a great husband, eh? Alexander was at my parents' house Friday night for a sleep over and Carly came over to babysit Isabel. It was nice to have the day without the kids, but I missed them a lot.

sporting an awesome faux-hawk

Jeffery and I have gone over our budget for the year, and we are working towards saving up for next winter so we're not so destitute. The problem is being able to stick to our budget. Let me clarify: sticking to a certain amount of money for everything is no problem - it's the things that come up, like needing extra work done on our car, or the drain in the basement is clogged and water is coming up everywhere, or the steps of our front porch are falling apart and need to be replaced (which they do). So we're hoping that issues like these do not come up often; I guess you can't exactly stop them all from occurring.

Sunday night Jeffery took me out for dessert. Niki came over to watch the kids, and we went to Jack Astor's. They have a great Macadamia nut cookie sundae. If you haven't had it, I would definitely suggest that you go there and order that dessert. VERY yummy.

Until next week, then!

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