01 April 2011

Glue Under My Fingernails

Well, there isn't really any glue under my fingernails. The title just sounded interesting. Actually, I'm taking a well deserved break from crafting this week. Instead, I have been trying to empty out the office closet so I can redo it as my craft area.

Unfortunately, the office is our "catch-all" room right now as well as our office and my craft area, so it's a complete disaster. This is what the closet area looks like:

I have taken the totes on the right down to the basement; they contain the clothes that don't fit my son anymore. So the right side is currently empty. And I'm planning on putting the books into boxes until we get a proper bookshelf, which will go into the corner of my current craft space:

I know, I know: How did I ever get anything done on this tiny table? Well, this is not what it normally looks like; it's usually a lot neater. However, I was too lazy this week to neaten up my table. The closet will better house all this than the tiny little table in the corner of the office. There is a laminate counter top in the laundry room in the basement that we are not using for anything. So Jeff will cut it down to size so we are able to stick it in the closet, and I will have a larger worktop running the full length of the closet. YAY! And I'll put curtains up in front of the closet too, so that when I'm not using it, I can just close the curtains, and it will look neat, even if the table does not! :)

However, I am doing a spring craft show in Oakville on April 9, so I better get cracking with more designs!


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