15 April 2011

Broken Fingernails

One of the benefits of being pregnant (other than the baby at the end, obviously!), is that my nails get super strong. But since I'm not pregnant, my fingernails have gone back to being fragile and bendable. It sucks - it's annoying. It has nothing to do with my business, I just wanted to get that out there - put it in cyberspace for all to read and know. :)

This week I have taken as a bit of a hiatus - although I have been doing some work. I made this gift card holder: 

to match this card:

I showed the above card last week, I merely wanted to show that they are coordinated. Guys, this is a great gift to give your wife for your anniversary - put in a gift card to a spa or something - she's gonna love it!

I've also been working on the office closet. Jeffery got those hideous anchor covers off (it was actually just a little dorr thing that flipped open to show the screws behind - I knew it was going to be something really stupidly easy). Truth be told, Jeffery just pulled the anchors out of the wall by pulling the entire bookshelf out! HAHA! He is very strong.

So what I have to do still is cut the back of the counter top in the basement to fit into the closet, then I put up the brackets in the closet to hold it up, then put it in and screw it down, then *POOF* I have my craft space! I know, I know, it's WAY easier said than done. Let's hope I don't screw it up...

I hope to be able to get some of that done this weekend. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck Shirley. I know you can do it. Post a photo or two of the finished work please.


  2. Don't worry, Lori, I will totally want to show off my new craft space! Fingers crossed that it's done by next week!


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