18 April 2011

Featured Artist - Ken Daley

I met Ken at the "One Stop Spring Shop" in Oakville on April 9, and I fell in love with his paintings and prints. They are so colourful and alive! A lot of the prints on display reminded me of New Orleans, with the jazz and the colourful, artistic culture you see there (not that I've ever been there before - I read.).

I emailed Ken (from Cambridge, Ontario) for a small blurb about him and his fabulous art, but he wasn't able to get back to me - according to his calendar, he had a show this past Saturday, and I can only imagine how busy he was preparing for it.

This is the largest size I could get these favourites from his portfolio on his website, which is understandable - I wouldn't want to let people have access to a really good printable size of my paintings either.

While at the One Stop Spring Shop, my husband Jeffery purchased a print of the top picture for me, and I love him for it (well, that among other things)! The gorgeous blue tones are so beautiful! There are two places in our home that I'm thinking about hanging it, and I just have to decide! But I want to do it justice, too.

Go to Ken's website, and let me know which is your favourite.

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