22 April 2011

Where Have All The Workers Gone?

You may be able to tell by the title that I haven't gotten very far on my craft closet. :( I have taped and measured out where I am going to cut the counter top from the basement, but I am procrastinating actually cutting it - I've got to do it! boo-hiss on me.

Beyond that, I've been creating a little this week:

owl embellishments

penguin embellishments

sheep embellishments

sheep card - could be used for sympathy, encouragement, etc

I really like the sheep card - instead of selling the sheep embellishments as they were, I used them to make the card - and I like the card better than just the sheep! Of course, Alexander really liked the owls and the sheep, so I made an extra one of each for him. He's been carting them around with him all week. He's even gone to bed with the owl!

This coming week I'm going to be busy preparing for the mom2mom sale I'm vending at on Saturday, April 30. I'm going to focus on baby cards and kids birthday cards, and perhaps more invitations and cupcake toppers.

Here's hoping I cut the counter top this week AND install it in the closet!!!

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