21 April 2011

Blog Award!

I've been given my first ever blog award! YAY! It was given to me by Angie from Angie's Craft Blog. Thanks so much! It's really awesome to know that people are reading and enjoying my blog!

Here are the rules for this award:
-thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog
-list seven things about yourself
-give this award to 15 other bloggers

Seven things about me:
1. My favourite fruit is a toss between strawberries or peaches.
2. I try to be handy, but I'm not - I break more things than I fix.
3. I am very clumsy - I fell down a hill trying to run away after splashing Jeff with water!
4. The only types of ice cream I like to eat are vanilla or butterscotch ripple.
5. I have a crush on Gerard Butler. He's the most handsome man in the world - after Jeffery, of course!
6. I used to love eating red meat, like steaks and hamburgers, but lately all I want is chicken or salmon.
7. I'm a pepsi girl - coke is gross.

I give this award to these 15 other blogs:
1. Clare from Crafty Cow Creations
2. Charlie from Domestic Icing
3. Devin from Expression By Devin
4. Marigold from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!
5. Tricia from How Sweeter It Is
6. Karina from Karina's Challenge
7. Dinara from Mir Dinara
8. Monique from Pixie Adventures
9. Brooke from PlayingGrownUp
10. Candace from Sparkle Power!
11. Linda from Stitches by Kryss
12. Cathy from Mateo & Tobias
13. Laurrrenn from The Intermission
14. Kathy and Karen from Two Stamping Sisters
15. Naomi from Without A Thing To Wear


  1. Thanks so much for the blog award! So fun. My first award. =) I'll have to really think about the 15 bloggers to give this to, so I'll need a few days... Thank you!!

  2. wow thanks sooooo much for the award-that is very cool of you! I am glad you liked the dragon pinata-it was awesome fun to make with the kids helping me. cheers ears and see you around blogland :>

  3. Thank you for the award, that's very nice of you!


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