27 December 2012

Product Review :: Crochet Gallery

Although I spent years of my life loving scarves, I must say that my love for cowls is growing very quickly. I love how cowls will stay around your neck, and it doesn't really matter if they move, they won't fall off. I think I like cowls better!

What I love about this cowl I received from Sabina of Crochet Gallery is that although it is made with acrylic yarn, in all the dozen or so times I have worn it last winter (and from wearing it every day so far this winter), I have not received static hair from it once! And that is amazing, because I seem to attract static from all sorts of fabrics, but I don't with this acrylic.

I was also concerned at first about how soft the cowl would be. I've worked with acrylic yarn before, and it always made my scalp and skin itchy. But this acrylic is so beautiful and soft! I honestly had no idea acrylic could be so soft and un-itchy! I was very surprised. I wear it every day to work now.

This cowl also keeps me quite warm; there are no drafts of wind coming through the cracks of my coat anymore to make me chilly. I am nice and toasty warm - the best temperature to be in the middle of winter.

I will definitely be buying another cowl from Crochet Gallery, and I definitely suggest that you do the same! You will NOT regret it! Sabina's cowls are a really reasonable price, and the customer service is wonderful! I'm planning on getting this one, this one, or this one.


DISCLAIMER: My opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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