07 December 2012

My Favourite Christmas Movies

Here are the top movies I see every year. It's a tradition.
                      1                                        2                                    3                                     4

1 || The Muppet Christmas Carol. This is the first one I watch; it really gets me in the Christmas mood. But I don't let myself watch it until December.

2 || Rudolph. This is a classic that, I think, is on everyone's list.

3 || How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I think the one with Jim Carrey is okay, but the original animated version is better.

4 || The Toy That Saved Christmas. I know that not many of you will watch this one, or even heard of it. It's a Veggie Tales movie that focuses on the real meaning of Christmas.

Well, these are my favourite Christmas movies. What are yours?

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  1. ELF. ELF. ELF! ;-)


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