01 December 2012

My Christmas Want-list

So, for all who are just longing for some sort of clue as to what I want for Christmas, I'm going to make it super easy this year. Here is my list:
2. Long Boho Earrings€20.00
3. Nagy Bag in Teal - $42.00
4. Cashmere Wool Bag - $149.67
6. White Jewellery Organizer140.00

Easy-peasy. I am aware that there are two bags on this list. I really, really love bags. And I don't have that much jewellery to fit on this jewellery organizer, but I probably will someday, and I'd much rather have to build up than scale down. See how practical I am? lol
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  1. What a fantastic wish list! I love everything on there, especially number 2, 3, and 7 :)


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