04 December 2012

Our Christmas Tree

Here is our Christmas tree in its customary blue and silver decorations. I would love to get a set of red and gold decorations and switch it up every year, but Jeff really really really loves the blue and silver. So this is our tree. It's a bit lopsided, I know, but it's the one that Alexander said he wanted. The star is currently on the top of the tree too; just not before the picture was taken...

Alexander and Isabel had such a fun time putting (or trying, at least) the decorations up. Isabel got cranky at the end, since it was past her bedtime, but overall, it was a good evening together. After the tree was all done, We turned off all the lights and sat on the couch together to look at the tree in all its glory. I also took that time to explain to Alexander and Isabel that the tree is only for looking at. They were not allowed to play with the tree or the decorations. Alexander was quick to say, "Okay, mom," and even Isabel, after a little pause said in her garble, "Okay." I love my kids!

What does your Christmas tree look like?
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  1. Haven't put mine up yet - family tradition is not to do so until after December 13 at the earliest, as that was my late husband's birthday. As he only died in May, see no reason to change the tradition - at least for this year anyway. Not sure if I'll put one up, actually, as on Dec. 20, am due to go to have Christmas with one daughter, so that other daughter and husband can meet us after the Festival and we can all get together for the day. Anyway, you all enjoy your tree - it's very pretty.


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