12 December 2012

Handmade Gift Idea :: Sugar Scrub


On my 101 in 1001 list, number 34 states to Make Christmas gifts for everyone in my immediate family myself - which means my sisters, brothers, and parents.

Now, this gift idea is useful, lovely, and best of all, handmade.

Sugar scrubs are great for gifting, and they are super easy to make! Here's how I did it.

3 cups white granulated sugar
1 cup & 2 tbsp olive oil (unscented)
10 drops of essential oil
Pour the sugar into a large bowl.
Add the olive oil.
Stir until uniform consistency.
If you want to use differenct scents of the essential oils, divide evenly the sugar into separate bowls.
Add 10 drops of essential owl.
Stir it all together.
Spoon sugar into your jar/container.
Decorate container for giving.
The end.

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  1. My sis would love this! Thanks Shirley!

    1. And it really is super easy! I have seen some essential oils in Bulk Barn! Everything else is found in your kitchen!


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