21 May 2012

Product Review :: Bayan Hippo

I received this cute little bag in the mail from Bayan Hippo about a month ago. Isn't it adorable?

I just love the bright canary yellow (I have a thing for yellow right now), and the design of the purse is just perfect!

The bag arrived about 2 weeks after I ordered it, which is pretty good considering it was made to order, and there are at least 5 orders a day coming in!

The size is absolutely perfect for what I need on a daily basis - large enough to fit everything, but small enough to not allow me to throw everything into it, so my purse is not always full of extra papers and receipts, etc.

I love how the straps are extendable, but I keep it the way it was given to me - at the smallest length. It fits perfectly over my shoulder, but I can easily carry it over my arm too.

Inside the bag there are two pockets, one on each side, and my phone fits perfectly in one pocket, and I have a few miscellaneous things in the other pocket. There is also a key hook thing, allowing you to hook your keys inside the purse, to guarantee that they will be there the next time you look for them.

The branding is great, with a little tag depicting the hippo that is on Bayan Hippo's banner - which is adorable, by the way!



I first discovered Bayan Hippo about a year and a half ago, when I saw this adorable beach tote:

I just love the stripes and the colours, and the rope for the handles! When I decided to purchase a bag from Bayan Hippo, I immediately thought of this bag first. But I didn't see it in any of the items for sale! So I went through the solds of the shop, and I finally found it!

I messaged Vildan if she was planning on carrying this tote in her shop this year. She messaged back almost right away saying that she could certainly make it for me.

But I had also had my eye on the cute little canary yellow bag, and I decided to go with that one, since I love yellow so much right now.

Here are a few more items that you can find at Bayan Hippo. I just LOVE the blue bag!


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  1. I bought a grey bag from Bayan Hippo last year and absolutely loved it! It was a quality piece, arrived quickly and was really well priced. Unfortunately I had a pen that leaked all over the bottom and ruined the fabric.
    Thanks for reminding me that I need to pick up another. I'm sure her inventory is probably huge now, and the choice of which one to get will be a tough one...may have to get 2 :)

    1. Yes, Vildan`s inventory IS huge - you have SO much to choose from - it was very difficult for me to narrow it down to which one I wanted! Good luck! (and let me know which ones you decide to get!) -Shirley

    2. Hello Laura,
      You are always welcome!! :)


  2. Hi Shirley!!

    Thank you very much for this blog post! I am so honored to be here..
    Thank you, Shirley much appreciated!


  3. I ordered one of Vildan's purses about a week and a half ago. I ordered one of the standard purses in her shop but asked for about 4 changes to it. She gladly makes changes at no extra charge, and very quickly too! I have been watching the tracking and it is already in my home town of Louisville, KY! Too bad it's Memorial Day and they aren't delivery this weekend. Can't wait to get it hopefully tomorrow!


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