29 May 2012

Featured Sponsor :: 42 things

Jo from 42 things is an amazing woman. I have the absolute pleasure in knowing her personally a little bit, and what I do know of her is that she is kind, thoughtful, and has a caring spirit.

Jo is also a complete genius - not only in her creations, but also in the photography of said creations. Anyone can create something beautiful - but not everyone can photograph it very well. This is the first picture that really caught my eye:

I wanted to purchase these snowflakes, even though I can easily make my own snowflakes! Now THAT is the power of a great product photograph!

Here are a few more of my favourites from 42 things:

a bookmark made from a vintage Dick & Jane book

these sweet little gift tags

these funky mustache stickers

And I just LOVE these bookelopes! I purchased some a while back, and they are just fabulous! I`m using them only for extra special occasions. Who doesn't love Asterix and Obelix?

Head on over to 42 things and see for yourself!

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  1. awwwwww how lovely of you to say such nice things :)

  2. I just LOVE this shop!!! Some of my favorite items are the "bookelopes", "mapelopes", mustache stickers, craft button envelopes, owls, and the "?" gift tags!

    1. I know! Jo makes the best, most adorable stuff! :) And I really recommend the bookelopes - they're fantastic! :)


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