15 May 2012

Meet the Sponsors!!!

Meet my sponsors for May! They are a great group of people who would love to get to know you!

My example in life were/are my parents and step parent. All three of these people were amazing self made business people, working hard to make ends meet and aiming for being debt free. My mom and dad both immigrated from Holland way back in 1949 when they were 5 years old to meet later in life in western Canada.

As a child I saw them start and make a go of their own business all the while having "home" as the priority. After my dad's passing, my mom remarried another wonderful man who had the same values of home and family who also ran his own business.

Now as an adult, who home schools our two children, I have a lot of opportunity to find inspiration in the things that have always been important, the preciousness of time and family, and frugal living.

Out of that was born my craft.

Salvaging fine papers from amazing vintage books and other sources, and also finding new sources for paper that still holds a high standard of quality that is not so common in today's mass produced world.

Please enjoy my handmade stationery and paper supplies, your source for Simple Paper Indulgences.


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Hi! My name is Yuliya and I grew up in Russia. Through crafts I can find the inner peace. Knitting, calligraphy and photography is something I enjoy to work with. Lately I have begun with felting and it is truly inspiring and rewarding.


Day of the Thread is us, Steph and Bruno! We are both creative souls and lover of all things Apple, especially the iPad! We love Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) and the idea of celebrating people who have passed - their lives, their personalities and their style. We drew on that influence and came up with our name, Day of the Thread - a crafty duo that would hand-make "threaded" items for the truly style conscience, or as we like to say, "unique crafts for savvy people".

Use coupon code TREESHIDES for 10% off anything in our Etsy shop!! We'll run it throughout all of May.


My name is Cathie Jo, and I live in the countryside about an hour away from Portland, Oregon. I stitch freeform hand embroidered hoop art - and love watching the organic shapes, stitches, and colors combine into something uniquely beautiful.

I rarely do sales - aw, but just for you - how about 15% off? Use the coupon code: 15PERCENT 
Good through May 2012.


As a mother of three young children, I consider that is very important to be creative. Not only to bring more joy, fun, pleasure in our lives, but also to have something to express myself, to gather energy, to calm down. I gain this in crocheting, it is a way to express my undamped fever to create. I have become passionate for the huge amount of pleasure it brings to me. I crochet stuffed animals, finger puppets, amigurumies... for children, whom else?...

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