14 May 2012

Featured Artist :: crochAndi

Andrea crochets the most adorable animals and gnome-ish characters! I love how each character has its own expression and "attitude", so to speak.

What I like most about Andi's story is her honesty. Here is what she writes about herself and her art:

I must confess: I adore crocheting. For me is a way to express myself, my creativity, my undamped fever to creation. I became passionate for the huge amount of pleasure it brings to me.

But it was't so always. When I was child, I often saw my grand-grandmother crocheting in her spare time. She often asked me to sit aside her. But I never thought that this needlework could be so joyfull for me. I didn't learn crocheting from her. I'm very sorry about that. But when I became mother I wanted to make for my children beautiful things and I remembered what wonderful stuffs has been made by her. And I tried. And I maked my first amigurumi, a little dino for my older boy. For then I haven't been able to stop. 

Here are a few of my favourites from crochAndi:

I love this lion's mane! 

And if you can't decide on one animal, here is a collection of mini animals - what a great way to use your imagination!

Head on over to crochAndi to see all of her lovely creations!

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  1. The zebra stripes in the last picture totally look like houndstooth...my favorite pattern!


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