06 November 2012

My new favourite drink.

I found my new favourite drink on the weekend.

After the 5K in the morning, Jeff and I went on a date with a bunch of friends to Skyzone in Mississauga - tons of fun! We are hoping to book a trampoline section for Alexander's next birthday - he loves to jump. The walls were super cool, too; you could bounce off them back onto your square. If you haven't been to a Skyzone before, you will want to go, it's so much fun.

After jumping on a trampoline for about an hour, we drove 20 minutes north to Dave and Busters.

It had the feel and look of a sort of casino/arcade, which was an interesting combination. There was a section of billiard tables, which we didn't play because there was a pretty big line up for those. There was also a dining room section with tons of tables. 

We sat in the arcade section, so we were watching people play the games. The food was okay, but the drink I ordered was fabulous! I'm not a huge drinking person, but I certainly could be with this drink! I had never had a fuzzy navel before, and I wanted to try something different from the virgin strawberry daquiri I usually get. I know, I'm so brave and adventurous.

Here is how it was served to me:

1.5 oz. peach schnapps
orange juice
ice cubes

and YUM! I've since seen a lot of recipes add some vodka in it as well, but I'm not a huge fan of vodka, so I'll just stick with how it was served to me before. I plan on having a lot of this on New Year's - granted we actually have or go to a party...

Do you have a favourite drink?
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  1. i love skyzone!!! :) also, fuzzy navels are delish!

  2. I've never had that drink either! I'll have to try one now!


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