02 November 2012

Isabel's pitiful new hiding place

This little pantry is one of Isabel's favourite places to play - when the door is not locked. We usually try to keep it locked because all of our spices, extra cans of soup, bags of rice, flour (I think you get the point). Isabel loves to get in there, take out the cans and build a tower with them, carry them into the living room and create a line of cans, share them with Alexander, etc. So we try to keep this door locked.

Yesterday morning, as I was preparing lunch, Isabel saw that the handles were not tied together, so she decided to hide.

But Alexander is getting smarter, and he found her right away. lol

Then Isabel promptly turned around and began to pull things off the shelf.
Trees Hide

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  1. That is so cute....love the look in her eyes.....and you caught it on camera....great goin'


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