20 November 2012

My Holiday Gift Guide 2012

I had never made a gift guide before, so I'm going all out and sharing a gift guide series of all my favourite shops on Etsy. But first, here is a summary, so to speak, of what you will be seeing in this gift guide series - an item from each of the shops I will be featuring.

1. Crochet Gallery - $23.00
2. Julie Ellyn Designs - $38.00
3. Bayan Hippo - $42.00
4. Liv Jewellery - $80.00
5. Sew Ecological - $100.00
6. Doctor Gus - $10.99
7. Ika Bags - $107.00

You'll see more items from these shops as the holiday season continues!

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  1. Super fun selections. I love the striped bag!


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