05 November 2012

Featured Artist :: Behida Dolic Millinery

Everything about Behida's millinery shop oozes elegance and sophistication. The stunning hats she creates makes me wish I wish I could have been born in that era - where hats were worn on a daily basis.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

I can see myself wearing this hat while borading the Titanic.

Who wouldn't just love to wear a purple hat?!

The colour of this hat is so vibrant, and the shape is stunning!

I love here how the fabric is folding over the hat like a feather would - or a comb-over. lol

Trees Hide


  1. I love her shop too! I actually just recently did a feature on my blog of her creations as well! She definitely deserves the features because she is a remarkable talent.

    1. Seeing your feature on your blog made me want to feature Behida's shop too! So thanks for writing such a great feature. :)


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