30 November 2011

Snot Bubbles

I'm sure everyone has seen snot bubbles in their lives, right?

Well, this is what I've been seeing since Friday. It all started with going back to the PFLC on Wednesday. Isabel's face was invaded by a snot-faced boy that day. The next morning she was coughing and snot-faced herself. And she was MISERABLE. The next three nights, she woke up a dozen or so times, just screaming.

I got sick next. Thankfully it was after the craft sale on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I felt horrible. Like the way I imagine poop would feel, if it could feel. I'm so glad that Jeff was home and available to watch the kids while I was helpless (literally).

Now Alexander seems to be getting it. His nose is all red from the multiple wipes with facial tissue.

Both kids' noses are constantly running, and each of them have sprouted fantastic-looking snot bubbles. Were there a competition, I'm sure they would at least be in the running, really.

I'm just thankful that Jeffery hasn't gotten sick yet. He seems to be immune to the sickness that the kids and I get. It might help that he works so much and is gone so often, but I don't think he kisses anyone else...

Yesterday morning my mom picked us up for Home With a Heart, the program for single moms that she teaches. I taught the ladies how to make Christmas gift card holders, and there was a draw for one of my leather journals. The kids were both really good there, so that's a sure sign they are on the mend.

That's all for this week! Cheerio!

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  1. Poor babies....so sorry for them....I hope they don't get 'ear problems'...If they start pulling at their ear....get them checked. I left our) Jeff too long and now it has only 40% in one ear the other is 60% ....it is from scare tissue from having so many ear infections. Nice to see you yesterday....and a real treat to see Alexander and Isabel....I don't see enough of them :(

  2. I re-read and one of the places I say, (it) and should have said (he).....


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