02 November 2011


I'm sorry to say that this past week wasn't much better for pictures. There are only two to show you today. Sorry.

But first off, I will say that I thought that sickness was gone from our household, but today I was proven wrong when Alexander vomited three times. He seems okay now, but this morning wasn't too good.

Here's a typical picture of my family:

Monday was an awesome day. Being a family who doesn't really do anything for Halloween, we didn't make any decorations or even carve a pumpkin! Instead, we went to Compass Point Church in Burlington with Alan & Heather, Emma and Evan, where there was a train ride, pony rides, bouncy castles, and reptiles! Alexander was in heaven! At first, he didn't want to go on the train ride, but once I showed him that Thomas (the tank engine) was doing the driving, he was much more willing to ride. He liked the lizard until the tongue came out. He was done with the reptiles after that. His favourite by far was the pony ride. He went on the ponies five times! It was a good evening.

Another HUGE milestone is that Alexander FINALLY peed in the potty! Once yesterday and once today! Tiny little bits, but we made a huge deal out of it, and Alexander doesn't whine so much when I tell him he has to go on the potty.

Isabel's two front teeth are just about to come out. So she's being a bit more grumpy than she usually is. But still, not too grumpy. She's a happy girl.

Jeffery's work is busy-ish. He has appointments, but not a lot of them are good appointments. We are just praying that God will sustain us through the winter. Judging by past winters, however, it looks like it will be tough.

All in all, a very good week.

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  1. Glad Alexander is learning about the potty...makes it much easier for you when he gets the drift....and he will soon. I never did much at Halloween...and neither did your mom...so it is not in our genes. Sounds like you did the right thing going to the Church in Burlington.

  2. Hope you guys are all feeling much better soon. It's no fun, especially when it's the little ones who are sick.

    Take care,
    Tracy Screaming Sardine


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