25 November 2011

A Really Busy Week

Well, today is the start of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at The Orange Windmill. You can get 20% off anything in my shop with the coupon code: BFCM20. Come on over!

I've been making journals like crazy for the past few weeks (I know I haven't posted anything on Fridays for a while). It was my goal to list 2 new journals everyday until today, and I almost made it.

The last few days my hands have been full, creating owl paper clips, which have just flown off the shelves this past week. For Any Occasion was also featured on the front page of Etsy, which got me a tone of sales! It was a good night. It kept me busy, but I loved it!


Last weekend's craft sale can be described with one word: DEAD. It was a two day sale, and not even 50 people came through the doors. On Sunday, Jeff actually counted the customers who came in: 13. That's ridiculous! In the initial email, the coordinator said that last year they had 250+ people come in, and they were able to raise money enough to help two families with Christmas trimmings and gifts. But someone came in who knew someone who sold at this event last year, and she said that only 2 customers came in! So that was a lie.

The longer we thought about it, the more convinced I became that the families that were helped last year were the families of the coordinator. I asked her what organization they went through to find the families in need. She said that they had originally tried through a local organization in Brantford, but they supposedly require a minimum amount donated (which sounds like BS to me), so they asked the minister of their church, and the money would supposedly be going to those families.

The coordinator also had three family members work tables too. There was also food for sale, but I never saw any of that family pay for the food they ate. If this was a fundraiser, wouldn't everyone have to pay? I wouldn't be surprised if those three people didn't have to pay for their table either!

It wouldn't really matter to me if this sale was just a way to make some money, but they marked it as a fundraiser.

*** FIN. ***

I couldn't say that the event was a waste of time, since I made some new friends and many new contacts. I hope to work with some of them again!

Anyway, Isabel is sick today, so I don't really have time to say anything more.


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