14 November 2011

Featured Artist - Delicate By Nature

Since becoming aware of all the handmade wonders that Etsy sellers have to offer, I have utterly and completely fell in love with soap. And here is a great example of handmade soap.

There are a few bars (actually, six) of soap that I want to get from Kathy, and I will be a happy girl when I get them! Kathy also makes lip balms, container candles, lotion bars, mani & pedi products, and more! Go on and take a peek!

Trees Hide


  1. Shirley, thank you so much for featuring our shop on your wonderful blog! As a special treat for your blog followers, we are offering coupon code TREE15 for 15% off anything in our shop! The coupon will be good through November 16!

  2. I can attest to the fabulousness of all the products from DelicatebtNature. Funk be Gone soap makes my whole familyu smell wonderful - including my teen aged son!!

  3. And as you see - all my friends will agree - my typing is awful!!!

    *DelicatebyNature* :))


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