13 March 2013

What You Made Link-up 53

I was pretty productive last week, binding books, preparing signatures and covers, and taking pictures of m kids. It really helps that Alexander and Isabel are finally standing still for pictures. If they don't stand still, I need to put on a flash or the photo will be blurry. But with the flash, the picture looks yuck. So I had sort of given up taking good photos of my kids. But now I've discovered that when I puff Isabel up about how cute she is, she will stand still! YAY!! But now, my kid is going to have an ego. great. There's no win-win in this for me, is there? But c'mon, look. she is too cute.
Anyhoo. Last week's most viewed link was these awesome bunnies from Sarahndipities:

How cute are these!?!!?! I love them. Sarah is so talented. Here are a few more items I love:


Trees Hide


  1. Hey Shirley, just so you know, I think it's TOTALLY AWESOME to tell your kids how cute they are. Repeatedly. And also how smart they are, and how talented, etc. Because it's not building an ego, it's building SELF CONFIDENCE. And that's important, and I think too many kids don't get that.

    So you keep telling her she's cute. Because she is. :)

  2. She IS so cute! I always struggle to take photos of children because of blurriness too.

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome little feature!! And your daughter is adorable!!

    1. Thanks for making such adorable bunny buddies! You are so incredibly talented!!


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