21 March 2013

Farewell to Google Reader... What now?

Google Reader is going away in July. GASP!

Don't worry. If you read this and other blogs through Google Reader or GFC (Google Friend Connect) you have plenty of other options. Here they are!

1. Follow through Bloglovin' 
Many blog lovers already use this platform to follow their favorite blogs. I get an email every morning of all the blog posts that were posted since the day before - it's awesome!!! It is ridiculously easy to add your subscriptions too - BONUS!

Set up an account and import blogs HERE.
Follow Trees.Hides. HERE


2. Follow through Feedly
Feedly is claiming to have a way to seamlessly import your blogs when Reader goes away so that you won't even notice the transition. If you sign up for a Feedly account now and start using it everything should transfer without any fuss. 

Get Feedly HERE


3. Subscribe by Email
If you're like me and read a ton of blogs, this is NOT the option for you. My inbox would be a nightmare. If you only follow a few favorites, then this is a good option. Just head over to the right sidebar near the top of the blog under "Subscribe" and on the link 'via email'.


4. Follow with Facebook
Most blogs have a Facebook page that they use to interact with readers and promote posts. Most of my posts that I post here on my blog is available on my Facebook page minutes after I post it. If you are active on Facebook just "like" all the blogs you follow and you can click on the links to read the posts.
****I don't recommend following by Twitter alone. It's easier to miss important posts there. ****

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