07 March 2013

 One of my favourite things about spring is all the flowers that sprout up through the wetness, more specifically, the tulips. I love tulips. There are so many lovely flowers in this world, but I love tulips. They are my favourite flower, by far. So I have compiled a gallery of tulips for my enjoyment, and yours too.

1. Felted Tulip Brooch - I love felted things!
2. Fabric Tulip Bouquet - So pretty, and my brown thumb won't feel bad, since these flowers will never die...
3. Recycled Pop Can Tulip Art - this is so lovely! I can totally find a spot for this in my house.
4. Spring Door Wreath - how great would this look on my front door?!
5. Spring Tulip Patch Pillow - this is so darling!!
6. Tulips Watercolour Painting - I love the colours in this painting.

Trees Hide

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