25 June 2012

Product Review :: Ug Chug by Nelson Studio

I just LOOOOVE Ug-Chugs! There are so many that I enjoy so much, that I have chosen a few extra images to look at than I usually do. I'm sure you will agree with me.

These stacking mugs are so adorable! Just look at their faces, and those dorky smiles.

This goblet looks a little tipsy to me.

Men. Do they ever stop talking? lol

If you want to separate your eggs, this guy is who you want.

If you want a more sophisticated tea mug, this chap is for you!

Just about to tip over, eh?

As you can see, there is so much fun to be found here at Nelson Studio,
where you can find the entire Ug-Chug family.


Product Review :: "Kristo the Trickster" Ug-Chug

My son, Alexander, picked Kristo out from a whole slew of mugs to give to Jeff for Father's Day.
Alexander loved Kristo's expression, and his little tooth reminds him of Larry the Cucumber (which is why I think Alexander picked him out in the first place).

And Jeff really enjoys drinking from Kristo. The size of the mug is perfect for a "Jeff-sized" tea, while giving everyone who sees him something to smile about. Jeff has brought him to church, and he has received many compliments on how awesome his mug is.

The handle is super convenient too, since Jeff's hands aren't exactly small. The extra wide handle gives him plenty of finger space, as opposed to our other mugs, where he can only fit one finger through the handles.

The shipping was super quick, and since this was the first time ordering something breakable on Etsy, I was a tad bit worried about if it would come to me all in one piece. But Kristo was packaged very snugly inside his own little room in the shipping box, surrounded by paper and bubble wrap. I was very pleased with the care that Chad & Meghan took to ship him to us.

Chad & Meghan are also a super cute couple who are totally friendly, easy to work with, and complete professionals at what they do: being awesome and creating awesome stuff!

Overall opinion: 

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