05 June 2012

Meeting Fellow Etsians!

On Sunday, Jeff and I took the kids to the First Sunday Stroll down in Pelham, and we're so glad we did! Although the day was windy and a bit cold, it was great to look around and see all the vendors and talk with some of them. I'm really sad that I didn't think to bring the camera - it would have been great to be able to have some pictures to share with you!

I was able to meet a blogger acquaintance, Sew Tara from Oshawa. Tara was busy when I came by, and I didn't want to interrupt, so we didn't get to talk much; but that's okay, I'm not sure what I would have said anyway! But Tara used some mini moo cards in a really neat and original way - ask her about that sometime!

I also walked by the table of Beth from Round the World in 80 Pages, from St. Catharines. I talked to Beth's sister for a little while, since Beth was out getting something to eat. Her display was lovely, and it's so nice to be able to have a chance to talk to a fellow book-binder - even though we didn't actually talk... I hope to be able to connect with Beth at another event.

We also met and gabbed with {glass girls} for a bit.

I also met someone from Dundas. She was really sweet and she told me about an alley sale she is participating in this summer on Locke Street. I can't wait to check it out! I just don't remember her name! :(

We picked up some organic tea leaves from Infused Tea. They aren't Etsians, but the teas are great. I suggested that she immigrate over to Etsy, and she said that she had been thinking about it. Her teas are absolutely lovely. We picked up a bag of Lady Grey, Ginger Snap - which smells just like a gingerbread cookie - and a green tea called Karma. Karma is supposed to make a really nice cold tea, so I'm waiting for a hot day; it's been pretty chilly here lately.

I also picked up a lovely ceramic plate to use as a part of my table display from Harwin Pottery. It will hold my mini journals perfectly!

If you're ever in the area of a craft show, stop by! You never know what you'll find, and you will always be amazed at the work of the artists - that's a promise!

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