29 June 2012

Isabel Feeding Herself!!!

Isabel can finally feed herself! Last night's dinner was a casserole, and I thought it would be good to see how well she did with feeding herself with a spoon.

And here it is:


Update: I guess you have to have my husband, Jeff, in your "circle" in order to see it. that sucks.

It is posted on Google+, and I couldn't find a way to link it like the ones I can link from youtube, so a link is all I have.

I love that smile that she makes when she is pleased with herself - it's the smile at the very end of the video: all teeth and a scrunched up nose. Alexander had reverted back to his old way of speaking (not using his pronouns), so you'll hear that in the background too.

I was perusing on my mom's videos a while back, and here is one of Isabel, just learning to walk. She was 9 months old.

And here is a fun one from a little over a year ago. Alexander is sitting on my dad's lap, eating a peanut butter jam sandwich, and dipping it into his soup. yuck. But Alexander loved it!

Trees Hide

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