18 April 2012

What I Made - Link Up!!!

To be honest, I haven't made a whole lost this past week. Work has been getting a bit busier, with the end of tax season looming, and I haven't found the time to make anything.

I did, however, get this GORGEOUS green lambskin leather the other day. It's a green that my shop hasn't carried yet, and it's so soft and luxurious! In my opinion, cowhide is the easiest to work with because it is a little tougher; but lambskin is so soft and so... squishy? Can I say that about leather? I'm not sure, but that's the word I can find to describe this lovely piece, and I'm sticking to it! lol  I can't wait to work on it and show you! Hopefully next week.

So. It was really close between three link-ups! But last week's most viewed link-up was the lovely needle felted owl by Knittynudo.

And here are just a few more of Caroline's work. I think the hedgehog is my favourite. But who would say no to a felted pet rock? A crazy person, that's who. It's just about the only pet I will ever concede to owning...


Trees Hide


  1. How cute!!!

    Ours is less cute -- but useful...


    Made some of these for a local group working on an election fundraiser...

  2. Sorry!....wrong spot to post! (I blame the lack of coffee...)

  3. Thanks once again for this great opportunity!

  4. The owl is lovely - so sweet! Thank you for hosting!

  5. Thank you!
    Great blog!
    Love your stuff!


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