15 April 2012

Meet My April Sponsors!!!

Hopefully you have had a chance to visit a few of my sponsors.
They are a lovely bunch of women!
Come and say hello to all my beautiful sponsors!

New Etsy Shop: Dreamlike Photography | Twitter | Facebook

Hiya, I'm Kay. I live in South West England, UK. Since I started out with my camera in 2005, photography has turned from a hobby into a passion of mine. I discovered Etsy by complete accident and quickly set up a shop selling my prints. I've recently began to make jewellery made from my photos, including necklaces, earrings and rings. I'm currently in the process of changing my shop's identity from SoundsLikeRain to Dreamlike Photography.

I'm having a closing down sale in my old shop. If you use the code DREAMLIKE you'll receive 25% off your order.

Tell us about yourself. My name is Stacy, and I own hisOpal. This is how I would like to introduce myself. I could say I am a single, overworked mom of two of the most stunning children alive, hold down a full-time job and handle the intricacies of owning a home, besides manufacturing this line of wrap-around swimwear with my own two hands and maintaining my etsy shop....but that might make you realize just how wonderfully crazy I really am! I am busy to the limit, but this is self-induced and FUN.

I love to sew and find it meditative. I also love the power of women, and hold the desire to make them ALL feel as beautiful as possible. I decided to combine these two passions, and with that you have my wrap-around swimwear. These suits can be dressed up for a red carpet event, or thrown on to allow you to hit the beach on the way home from the grocery store. Multiple looks come from one item, making this a cost effective and utterly interesting addition to your wardrobe. They FIT. Period.

"Like" us on facebook to view the tutorial video I made. This shows you how completely versatile these suits really are!

Are you running any promotions right now? For the month of April I will offer an exclusive discount for readers of this blog (not to be applied with any other discount...we need to eat!) by using the coupon code: TREES at checkout in my etsy shop! This will entitle you to 20% off your order, so that you will feel awesome about trying these suits for yourself. 

Hello All! My name is Lissa, I live on a small island off the coast of Washington State. Here I have my business called Barnacle Bags where I sew canvas bags made with mostly organic fibers. At the moment I have my sewing studio in father's sail loft. I also have a blog where I share my adventures and document what inspires me! I spend a lot of my time these days sewing and working on my business. But when I am not inside sewing I am outside exploring my peaceful island. Happy Spring!

Are you running any promotions right now? I am having a Spring Sale, 20 % off select bags, until April 9th.

Tara Sinclair Hingco is a an award-winning full time artist and owner of Art & Design. In addition to fine art portrait photography, the Art & Design Studio division offers a line of beautiful fine artwork to treasure or gift, including Inspired Art, a personalized series that blends simple imagery with personalized text, dates or quotes. Tara's award-winning work has been shown in galleries throughout Toronto, on TV and her artwork published worldwide. She lives near Toronto, Ontario with her husband and their two children. 

Are you running any promotions right now? Save 10% with coupon code aprilshowers10.

Tell us about yourself. I love to create! It's my passion, it's my life. Creating, for me, is a lifestyle. My mind never shuts off from an artistic mode. New ideas are always brewing and I have to force myself to concentrate on one thing at a time, or I'd be all over the place!

I love that Etsy has grown into such a large market place online for crafters, artists, vintage sellers and suppliers. This allows everyone like me to take what they love doing, utilize their talent and chase a dream.

Tell us about yourself. I am an artist and creating unique jewelry is my passion. Each piece is made with love and an eye for detail. All the clay and pigments I use are non-irritant, phthalate-free and even contain beeswax! I use a combination of stamps, some of which I created myself, and hand-building techniques to create my pieces. 

Hello! I am Lindsay, the girl behind LDC Designs! I am a third year environmental student who loves photography, craftyness, and anything inspirational. Stop by my blog for some photography tips, photoshop downloads and DIYs.

The Written Nerd - Etsy Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Wanelo
Sovereign Sea Designs - Etsy Shop | Facebook | Twitter

Tell us about yourself. My work is inspired by my love of being a librarian, my nostalgia for dead technologies, and my magpie-like hoarding of tiny objects. I love being a librarian and have a lifetime obsession with books. Growing up, I learned how to use the card catalog to find the books I was looking for - it was like a treasure hunt, and the catalog was the map.

Hi! I am Wendy, affectionately known by my customers as BEAD.....hmm, I wonder why??? I believe that life is all about how we handle plan B as in BEADS and BAUBLES. So I trusted my crazy idea of wish, hope and dream and took a chance. This is where BeadKnead became a reality. I took Plan B and made it happen.

Welcome to my world of Czech glass beads, gemstones and of course baubles. No matter what; I believed in myself and my passion to do it with enthusiasm. I was taught to embrace change and expect miracles. I see the beauty of art in everything around me. I always seem to be amazed at the exploding brillance on the facets of fine cut beads and stones or the rainbowed palet of their remarkable color; and can never seem to get enough of it.

I look for new trends, colors and textures in the glass bead business to bring you, my customer the best the industry has to offer. Thank you for stopping by; hopefully in my shop you too can fill your need to create.

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