20 April 2012

Family Friday

Well, I took some pictures this past week! I know, it's been long enough without them!

My wonderful kids. Now they are teaming up to make trouble. Isabel instigates it, though, I'm certain of it. She is always getting into trouble. Sometimes Alexander stops her, but other times, he just watches.

Isabel is a trouble-maker! She is ALWAYS climbing onto the couch, then on the side table beside the couch, and picking up EVERYTHING!

She loves posing for the camera, and always insists on seeing the picture that was taken.

For some reason, this picture reminds me of the American Gothic artwork. Where's the pitchfork? lol

Alexander's speech therapy is going alright. He's been slowly changing his words when we ask a question like, "Where is daddy?" He doesn't always get it right, because yesterday he answered that question with "daddy holding spoon", but I watched him think about what answer to give. I do hope, though, that he's trying to find the most correct answer, instead of sifting through the words he knows and remembers. But to me that's hard to tell.

We are very sure now, though, that if the speech therapist says Alexander has developed enough to go to school, we will be taking him to Calvin, not Memorial. For those of you who don't know, Calvin is a Christian school, and Memorial is the public school down the street.

Memorial's test scores are so abysmal, so low, that we're afraid that Alexander won't have much of a chance. At least at Calvin (where I went to school), we know that the teachers there care about their jobs and about the students they teach. We're still praying about this, since Christian education is NOT cheap. 

Anyhoo. That's all for now!

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