27 April 2012

Family Friday

This week was a very hard week for me, since I didn't see my children very often at all. Even less than the 2 hours I get on the days when I work regular hours, which is pretty sad.

Here are a few pics of my little darlings.

Isabel just LOVES sitting for the camera, as long as she can see the picture after you've taken it.

And, of course, Alexander would not stand or sit still long enough to get a decent picture of him.

I am very excited about the upcoming set of speech therapy classes for Alexander. They start in May, and I plan to be present for at least the first one - I know I can't go to all of them.

I have to work on Saturday, and Jeff needs the car, so he's going to drive me in, and he and the kids will be coming to see where I work! That's exciting, more for me than it is for them, I think. lol!

I think I mentioned it a while ago, but Jeff and I had been taking a course together on Wednesday nights - Financial Peace University, taught by Dave Ramsey. Well, this past Wednesday was the last night, and I'm sort of bummed out that it's over. Sure, we've done all the lessons in the program, but I would love to be able to get together with them all again. We are planning on having a barbecue party/reunion in August, so I guess I'll have to be content with that.

Jeff and I are 80% sure that we will be bringing Alexander to Calvin Christian School for JK - that is, if the speech therapist says he has developed enough for JK; right now, he's not ready. We went on the website a few days ago and saw the price. Then we looked at the test scores and compared them to the school that Alexander would be going to if he was going to attend public school. I am TOTALLY willing to pay the money to get the kind of education that is offered at Calvin, instead of the abysmal test scores of Memorial:

I don't know about you, but that is not the school I would want to have teaching my child. And I KNOW that not all the teachers are like that, but I really would prefer this:

Especially since Alexander will more than likely need a EA, or some sort of special education - I'm not sure what they call it now. Anyways, we are praying about this, since Christian education is not inexpensive, and our income is not very high right now.

A few weekends ago, Jeff and two friends tore down the back deck, and they found nests and nests of carpenter ant eggs! So now that the eggs are gone, hopefully we won't have too many ants in the house this year! Crossing our fingers! We've already had a few, but they have been few and far between.

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  1. Shirley, we had years when we had no two dimes to rub together, but the money spent on Christian education is priceless!

  2. If there is one long term thing a parent can give a child, it is a good education. After that, it's up to the child! Good luck and may you be able to do your best for your children.


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